BowelScreen AotearoaTM is a pharmacy-based bowel cancer awareness, education and screening program for the New Zealand community using a clinically proven, sensitive and reliable immunochemical faecal occult blood test. 

BowelScreen AotearoaTM is a collaboration between Bowel Cancer New Zealand, Bowel Cancer Australia and Green Cross Health, with the support of Clinical Genomics (manufacturer and accredited pathology laboratory for the ColoVantage Home immunochemical test).

Annual bowel cancer screening is recommended for both men and women -

  • Aged 45 and over
  • With no symptoms
  • With no personal or family history of bowel cancer or polyps.

The aim of screening is to find any polyps or to find cancer early when it is easier to treat and cure.

People experiencing symptoms or who have a personal/family history of bowel cancer or polyps are advised to discuss appropriate screening for the disease with their doctor. 


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Bowel Screening Pilot

Please note: The New Zealand Government is gradually phasing in a National Bowel Screening Program to be completed by 2021. New Zealander’s aged 60 to 74 years who are eligible to for publicly funded health care will receive an invitation to take part in the screening program when it becomes available in their DHB. Eligible New Zealanders will receive a free faecal immunochemical test (FIT) in the mail and are encouraged to complete and return it. For information regarding start dates of each phase please visit or phone 0800 924 432.

Alternatively, anyone can take part in an annual screening by purchasing a BowelScreen Aotearoa™ kit at their local participating pharmacy.